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Windjammer at sea
Windjammer at Sea

Windjammer’s History

The Windjammer was designed by naval architect Lee Clough in 1985. It was built to be a blue water ocean racer for Lee’s father, his mother and him to crew in the races that happen yearly off the coast of Australia. It was very successful in those races winning many firsts and always placing. She is a 60’ sailing Schooner with a 10 foot draft, 6 ton ball keel and 80 foot masts. She is slim, only 12 feet at the beam, incredibly stiff and is entirely aluminum. Lee kept her until 2015 when we were fortunately able to acquire her. She is a very special boat, one of a kind, wicked fast, incredibly stable, a pleasure to sail and beautiful to see under full sail. We have just completed a total system upgrade and are bringing her home in the early months of 2018 from the Gold Coast of Australia to Key West. There, she will be put into service to provide an exciting sail for our clients from Key West to Havana and back. We will continue to race her, as well, as going fast is what she does.

Windjammer Charters

Windjammer Charters L.L.C. gives our clients a truly unique view of the historical attractions of Key West, Havana and the surrounding area. We want our clients to experience the historical aspects of these two islands and their relationship to each other, as seen by the inhabitants of both of them. We have developed our tour package around you, as the individual client. It is our desire for you to design your tour; you choose what you want to see, where you want to stay, which tour guide you want to utilize, the length of your stay.  Although set up for two full days and three night in Cuba, we can offer a longer stay if you desire. If there is something special that you would desire, please let our concierge know so that we can see if we can accommodate your request.

Windjammer Tours and Attractions

We specialize in giving you the Cuba and Key West that you will not experience from the cruise ship. From sailing into Havana harbor to playing dominos with the people in the square, to eating in small unique restaurants with phenomenal local cuisine. When you leave Cuba, you will know the Cuba that its residents know and love.

In Key West, we are working with the local attractions to make sure that you get to fully experience the historical significance of Key West. We include a two hour walking tour of Key West with our local historian.

We are here to make your tour experience totally stress free and to make all the memories that you take home with you last a life time!

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