Sailing on Windjammer

Spend a beautiful day on the water!

We are really looking forward to having you on board the Windjammer. Whether you are a sailor that likes to have your hands on the wheel and letting her run with all sails set like a horse with the bit in her teeth, or you like a nice laid-back sail with a glass of champagne in your hand. Just let us know and we will, wind permitting, make your memories happen. Come join the Windjammer family.

She is a very special boat, one of a kind, wicked fast, incredibly stable, a pleasure to sail and beautiful to see under full sail. We have just completed a total system upgrade and are bringing her home in the early months of 2018 from the Gold Coast of Australia to Key West. There, she will be put into service to provide an exciting sail for our clients from Key West to Havana and back. We will continue to race her, as well, as going fast is what she does.

If there is something special that you would desire, please let our concierge know so that we can see if we can accommodate your request.

We are here to make your tour experience totally stress free and to make all the memories that you take home with you last a life time!

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